Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Dreams Are Made Of

One of my favorite gowns of all time: 
Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture (also worn by Mila Kunis at the Academy Awards)

Oftentimes I've dreamt of clothes. In my deepest slumber, my mind's self will be awestruck and wandering around a certain sartorial Eden that brims with clothing: skirts, blouses, jewelry, handbags, coats, and dresses. And the garments are always so fantastic that I suffer a slight ache of heart when I wake up and realize that what I experienced wasn't reality. But maybe that's the thing about dreams: their unattainability, their splendor, their so-close-but-so-far facet, these are what make one want to fall asleep in the first place. And really, that's the thing about clothes too--the over-the-top whimsy of some couture pieces just wouldn't have such draw if they weren't so otherworldly and inaccessible. That said, I still believe that it's just about every girl's fantasy to wear that "dream dress," and that at least once in her all-too-real, terrestrial existence, every girl should get to do just that. At least this is what I tell myself when I'm rudely awoken from my silk-chiffon-filled reveries. 
Here are just a few gowns I've come across that seem to have been woven with dream threads and dream needles:

[Silky texture + shiny tassel + scooping neckline + subtle floral print]

[All-out sparkle + bateau neckline + elbow-length sleeves]

[Scarlet red + volume + ruffles]

[Plunging neckline + lavender + pleats + gold hardware]

[Watercolor + translucency + gems]

[Intricate beadwork + starburst jewels + sweetheart neckline]

[Powder pink + high/low hemline + whimsical flow]

[Crazily chained and jeweled neckline/sleeves + babydoll structure]

[Diaphanousness + shimmery leaves + faux sweetheart neckline]

[Jeweled buttons + prim ribbon + tiny ruffles + jeweled embroidery]

[Grape + relaxed movement + plumed hemline (+ Diane Kruger)]

[Beaded, sparkling lace + waistline flower + vintage-y, spaghetti-strapped neckline]

[Big, soft flow + dropped back + off-white/purple contrast]

xo Heidi

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